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Azmouneh Foulad Company, in pursuance of privatization policy, was separated from Esfahan steel Company in year 1992 and by deploying all the experts and equipment of E.S.Co.’s laboratory plant of the construction section, proceeded with its activities in the field of Strength of Materials Laboratory and Inspection works. By merging with E.S.Co’s department of Geological Researches, the company expanded its activities also in the field of Geotechnics, then in year 1994 the company succeeded to obtain the highest rank in the field of Geotechnics and Testing of Materials as well as in the field of Technical inspection, from Iranian Management and Planning Organization.

The company’s activities which were formerly concentrated mostly in Esfahan steel Company, expanded towards new specialties other than those of steel industry, by modifying and innovating of former equipment and purchasing of modern machinery. To this end, unceasing efforts were made so that while maintaining the existing work market, the company could extend his activities also in arena of new works and succeeded to raise volume of the works being transferred from outside Esfahan Steel Plant, from 2% to over 85% of the total works so that the company, for the time being, is involved in geotechnical studies of six big projects of dam building and water distribution in our country.

This company, in order to enhance the work market with a view to render better services to customers and clients, in addition to setting up offices in Esfahan and Tehran, has established a central laboratory in the service zone of Foulad Shahr. This complex comprises administrative, workshop and laboratory premises covering 2000 m2 under construction with full sets of laboratory equipment and apparatus purchased from European suppliers.

Azmouneh Foulad’s executives make every endeavor so that this engineering plant can be arranged as a complete complex so that contractors and consulting engineers of big industrial project may get all their requirements of geotechnical studies, laboratory and technical inspections totally a single reliable and trustworthy institution.

Azmouneh Foulad Company, by establishing an equipped intra- organizational training center, benefiting from expert instructors and specialists in relevant fields of activities and also rendering training services to other organizations, has been able to meet all technical requirements of big projects, giving valuable and brilliant services to his clients and associate organizations all over the country. By making evidences of his performance, Azmouneh Foulad has demonstrated a successful curriculum of engineering and team work as well as an appropriate example of transferring work to private sector.

Since 1997, this company has been holding the first rate degree of geotechnical proficiency and testing of strength of materials and 2nd rate degree of technical inspection from President Deputy Strategic Planning & Control. Also holding qualification certificate for associate laboratories from Iranian Standard and Industrial research Organization, in the field of testing of Metals and Strength of Materials. The company, with a view to render favorable services, by implementing the quality management system of ISO/IEC 17020 in non-destructive tests and technical inspection, as well as ISO/IEC 17025 in its laboratories has made effort to enhance level of reliability and accuracy of its performance.

In the interest of transferring up-to-date technology and know-how also in view of promoting the quality level and raising the quantity of engineering services capable of being rendered to clients,        Azmouneh Foulad has been able to enter into agreements with foreign companies for supplying of equipment , training of experts, as well as for joint ventures. For example, MetProm LLC of Russia, for technical inspection, Wille Geotechnik of Germany, in geotechnics and laboratory services, and Bau & Technik of Germany in the fields of non-destructive tests and laboratory services.

Some of the joint venture projects with foreign companies are:

  1. NDT works for E.S .Co. Expansion Plan (Saba project), under management of DANIELI Italy, performed from 1995 to 1998.
  2. Radiography work for transition pipeline 4.5 inches in diameter laid off-shore from Gheshm Island to Hengam Oil Zone, in association with GLOBAL/TRIDENT Company of Australia, performed in 2008.
  3. Environmental studies for Esfahan Refinery plant, joint with ITEC of Japan, performed in 2009.
  4. Technical inspection of steel structures for continuous casting house of E.S.Co.’s steel making plant, joint with METPROM LLC of Russia in 2010.
  5. Design, manufacture and technical inspections of gantry girders for continuous casting house of E.S.Co.’s steel making plant, with participation of METPROM LLC of Russia (ongoing project).
  6. After sale technical services for laboratory apparatus of WILLE GEOTECHNIK from Germany, in universities of Iran (ongoing project).
  7. NDT contract of Expansion and Upgrading of Shazand Arak Refinery U12 Project joint with SPCECC of China performed on 2010.

Due to the specific structure of its manpower and equipment, Azmouneh Foulad is considered one of the few companies having all possibilities for performing D.T. and N.D.T. as well as technical inspections of welds and metals.

The company’s Meal Section, having got the highest rank in technical inspection proficiency since 1994, obtained employment permit from Ministry of Industries and Mines, received qualification certificate of the Association from Iranian Standard and Industrial Research  Organization, attained work permit from Iranian Nuclear Energy Organization  and also having obtained Qualification Certificate for performing inspection of welds and N.D.T. services from Iranian Gas Industry Development Co., provides engineering services under renowned standard to a wide range of development/non development plant, as well as oil and gas projects and other industries .

Enjoying highly experienced personnel with international certificate of  TÜV, ASNT, CSWIP and by unceasing efforts to raise the quality and provide technical possibilities, Azmouneh Foulad Company has made endeavors to update his personnel‘s technology so as to render all services as regards technical inspections and supervision from the stage of materials control up to the completion and operation stage of projects as per the highest level of the Standard.